10 Best Places to Buy Pokémon Cards

In this article, we will give you the best place to buy Pokémon cards. Our comprehensive guide has all the information you require and much more.

Pokémon cards seem to be a constant among kids around the world, even though some trends come and go. 

At recess, it’s common to observe students exchanging cards or participating in public jousting matches.

However, outside of the game, Pokémon cards have developed a cult following among investors who collect them.

Over time, the value of rare cards rises; some can sell for over $375,000 now. Everything depends on what you’re trying to find.

Online markets like Troll and Toad and TCG Player can be your best bet if you want to resell a few expensive cards.

Stores like GameStop and Sam’s Club are great if you’re a Pokémon card player searching for some extra, inexpensive cards to add to your collection.

Each of these establishments looks to have a different assortment. For a list of online and offline retailers selling Pokémon cards, keep reading to choose the one that suits you best.

10 Best Places to Buy Pokémon Cards

best place to buy pokemon cards

These are the top places to buy Pokémon cards.

1. TCG Player

TCG Player is a fantastic option for anybody looking for top-notch collector’s cards. The website is geared toward avid players.

You can place certain collection cards on hold and order products in advance.

TCG, the top online marketplace for gaming collectibles, links buyers and dealers on a global scale.

Once more, the quality of the cards cannot be guaranteed since independent vendors, not TCG, supply the majority of orders.

However, the company has a solid reputation for going above and beyond for clients and specifically appeals to avid gamers who want nothing less than excellence.

Several other types of Pokémon cards are available on the internet, including defunct sets, single cards, limited edition booster boxes, and more.

Because it offers specialized search possibilities for people hunting for a particular style of card, this website is fantastic for serious gamers.

A wide range of search options is available, including set name, card type, rarity, energy type, price, and many others.

Due to the fact that these cards are frequently rare than collectors’ cards, they can be more expensive.

2. Family Dollar and Dollar Tree

A surprising yet dependable location to purchase Pokémon trading cards is Family Dollar. For collectors seeking a low-cost way to boost their quantity, this is a fantastic alternative.

Although there is little diversity, assorted packets can be purchased for about $1.

The Dollar Tree also sells Pokémon cards, but you have to go to the shop to get them because they aren’t online.

3. Amazon

You can buy practically anything on

In a similar vein, a ton of Pokémon stuff is offered, including trading cards. You have the option of making a purchase from Amazon directly or from a third-party reseller.

Large packs of 50 Assorted Pokémon cards, which come with two rare cards and a random Vmax card, are one of the many options available on Amazon.

In addition to the more affordable 50 assorted ordinary cards, there are special gold foil cards.

4. Gamenerdz

You may purchase a variety of trading card games on this website, including those for Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, LOTR, Dragonball Z, and others. 

You can pick from a variety of card types, including single cards, booster packs, booster boxes, and card tins. 

Accessories for trading cards, like deck cases and card sleeves, are also available to purchase.

There are many sales for various things, and Gamenerdz has some of the finest prices on cards available. 

To find the finest ones, visit their website’s Deals area. When looking for cars, this website is an excellent place to start.

5. Card Cavern Trading Cards

Products for cards like Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Weiss Schwarz can be found on Card Cavern. 

You can search through both sealed and individual cards for each card game. You may also find Pokemon Trading Card Game Online codes for Pokemon cards to use in the game.

To browse a variety of things at a discount, visit the On Sale section of the website.

the fact that there is less selection than on other websites, the pricing on this website is often fairly good.

6. Troll and Toad

Another website with a huge assortment of cards is Troll and Toad. 

The three most popular card games on this website are Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon, but you may also find cards for Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball Super, and even sports.

They feature a wide variety of sports cards, including NBA basketball cards, NFL football cards, and MLB baseball cards. 

They are offered by companies including Topps, Panini, and Upper Deck.

Single cards, sealed cards, and accessories for displaying and protecting your cards are all available. 

If you wish to purchase numerous cards at once, you can also locate lots and bundles of cards. 

You might be able to find cards on this website that you couldn’t find anywhere else, but the prices on this site tend to be a little excessive.

7. eBay

eBay is not always reliable. All of their inventory is based on what certain vendors put on the market.

The good news is that there are a ton of unique, limited editions available for collectors.

Additionally, you may purchase packs of cards for pitiful sums from individuals looking to sell their worthless collections.

You should be aware that as these orders are filled by resellers, the condition could change.

Online retailers provide a variety of products, like the Pokémon Brilliant Stars 3 Pack, the Pokémon Sword and Shield Evolving Skies Elite Trainer Box, and more.

8. Target (Online)

Similar to Walmart, Target has come under fire for customer disputes over the last pack of Pokémon cards.

As a result, Target made the decision to solely sell Pokémon trading cards online in order to prevent physical altercations in-store.

The Leafeon VSTAR Special Collection, the Glaceon VSTAR Special Collection, the Chilling Reign Booster Pack Box, the Vivid Voltage Pack Booster Box, the Darkness Ablaze Booster Pack Box, and many others are available for collectors to pick from.

To keep your cards neat and organized, you can even purchase a collector’s binder.

9. Walmart (Online)

One of the most well-known businesses in the US, Walmart, offers a selection of Pokémon cards online.

Pokémon cards are no longer routinely sold in-store, unless they are placed on the shelves as a result of an online return, following a recent spate of physical altercations that broke out at several locations over the cards.

Online buyers can purchase single high-demand cards, assorted cards in a collectible tin, any series of 50 single cards, Champions Path Charizard unique gold cards, packs of Darkness Blaze, and packs of three random booster cards.

Verify whether Walmart is the seller of the cards you order or a third party. The cards might not be in perfect condition if they are acquired through a third party.

10. CCGCastle

Along with the standard big-name trading card games, CCGCastle also provides a selection of titles that are typically hard to obtain elsewhere online. 

If you’re having trouble finding a card, you should check out this website because the rates are fair and the selection is so large.

How can you Tell If A Pokémon Card Is Valuable?

best place to buy pokemon cards

Games and memorabilia are authenticated and their worth is estimated by the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA).

According to PSA, the rarity of trading cards is mostly what determines their value.

For instance, if there are only 100 copies or less of a particular card, its value will increase due to its rarity. The condition is still another crucial component.

Cards that have physically deteriorated or that have not been treated carefully will lose value over time, while cards that are in good shape continue to hold their value.

Ones that are well-liked will be worth more money, whilst less well-liked characters could not be valued as highly.

Additional Ways to Tell

Because Charizard, Mewtwo, or Lugia are such well-known characters, cards showing them may be worth more money.

The maximum PSA value that something can have is 10, and the minimum PSA value is 0 or 1. It all comes down to supply and demand in the end.

You can use the PSA online price guide to determine the worth of your collection. Even free card evaluations are offered by several neighborhood auction establishments.

Not just Pokémon fanatics, but also millionaires and billionaires eager to cash in on the rarest cards are currently in the market for new cards.


For almost 30 years, Pokémon cards have been a fan favorite, and they are not likely to disappear any time soon.

More vendors have distributed Pokémon cards over the years, but more lately, problems with the supply chain and the ensuing fights over stock in stores have caused some businesses hesitant to stock Pokémon cards.

Sam’s Club, GameStop, Costco, Best Buy, and of course a Pokémon Center are the best physical stores to buy Pokémon cards.

In addition to Target and Walmart, you may buy from all of these merchants online.

Check out eBay and TCG Player for opportunities for limited edition cards if you’re a committed player.

Anywhere you choose to buy your Pokémon cards, you can be sure to add some awesome new cards to your collection that will improve gameplay and raise the worth of your collection.


How Much do Pokémon Cards Sell for Now?

Pokémon cards are worth $1.20.

TCGplayer and Magic Madhouse

Yes, it will.

Sure, they are.

Rare Illustrator Pikachu Pokémon Card

First edition Charizard No. 4 card


Gary of Pawn Stars fame.


Heartz Team.

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