30 Best Jobs That Pay 40 an Hour

Did you know that with the right skill sets, you can land jobs that pay 40 an hour? Yes, there are many lucrative jobs that can earn you this  money and some of them do not require formal education

If you want to earn well in your chosen career, it is important that you get a job or find one that pays you at least 40 an hour. 

Jobs that pay 40 an hour without a degree typically need training, competence, and experience in your field. As long as you invest and save wisely, the salary is modest and can cover your expenditures or even buy a car.

This way, you can make a decent income that will cater to your basic needs.

In this article, we will look at the 30 best jobs that will earn you $40 an hour, and of course, we will also discuss the needed skills and training to qualify for these jobs.

30 Jobs that Pay 40 an Hour 

Here is the list of jobs that earn you $40 per hour:

1. Pharmacist 

Becoming a pharmacist is one of the best decisions you can make if you really want a job that earns this high. 

The profession is one of the high-paying jobs that guarantees at least $40 per hour.

They are core professionals that is focused on giving drugs based on prescriptions or doctor orders. In fact, the least a pharmacist earn is $57

A Bachelor’s degree or diploma in Pharmacy from a reputable university will help you on your pharmacist journey.

2. App Developer

App Developer is one of today’s top careers. App development began with Android and other phone operating systems, but now there is a high demand for apps for PC and macOS as well.

If you have good coding abilities and a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering, you should have no trouble getting this position.

The earning potential is one of the best. As an app developer, you can expect to earn between $45 and $50 per hour.

3. Dentist

The dental industry has always been one of those with high earning potential.

Dentists and Endodontists are well-paid professionals with a steady stream of patients. To become a dentist, you must first have a degree in Dental Science.

There are numerous scholarships available in this field, allowing all highly qualified, capable, and worthy students who cannot afford the study cost of dentistry to be handsomely compensated while obtaining a degree and gaining practical experience.

Being a dentist can help you earn almost $60-$70 per hour, for a possible yearly annual of more than $175k.

4. Business Consultant

A business consultant assists businesses in finding their way to profitability.

As a prospective manager, you will be in charge of increasing a company’s performance by developing new marketing strategies and emphasizing product quality.

It would really help if you had an advanced degree in marketing, as you would devise various marketing strategies and look for ways to improve product quality and advertising in order to beat your competition.

An MBA from a reputable university or college is desirable. You can earn up to $30 to $40 per hour as a business consultant.

5. Fitness Trainer

People are becoming more health-conscious and fitness-obsessed not only as a result of Covid-19’s impact on the world but also as a result of increased awareness and motivation to engage in physical exercise. This has resulted in a high surge in demand for gym instructors.

If you have the right passion and knowledge, you may make a lot of money as a fitness instructor.

You will need to become certified and undertake formal fitness education and training in order to obtain a certificate in fitness training.

You can earn up to  $20 and $45 per hour. So, if you prefer to stay active and exercise on a regular basis, this choice may be right for you.

6. Financial Managers

30 Best Jobs that Pay $40 an Hour

To become one, you must have a graduate degree in Economics or Finance as well as some practical experience.

Financial Manager is a well-paid position with an annual pay of $1,08,475. It implies you can easily earn more than $40 per hour.

7. Lawyer

Law is one of the most respected professions across the globe. Being a lawyer, you can easily earn more than $40 an hour.

The potential earnings of a lawyer can be lucrative depending upon your expertise and knowledge. However, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Law with a practicing license for such a job.

8. Marketing Manager

These days, marketing managers are in high demand. This work might easily pay around $40 per hour. Marketing managers are in charge of the overall performance of their company’s marketing function.

9. Business Analyst

Successful business analysts analyze data from various sources and make recommendations on how to use it to improve company operations.

They collaborate closely with other departments such as sales and marketing to ensure that the data acquired has real-world ramifications for their organization’s success rate, budget, and so on.

A graduate degree in Business or Finance is required to secure a position as a business analyst. A business analyst may expect to make around $60 per hour.

10. Veterinarian

A veterinarian’s job involves working with a wide variety of wild animals. Veterinarians are continuously in demand, from treating stomach ailments and blood malignancies to studying animal disease cures.

To become a high-earning veterinarian, you must have a degree in Veterinary Science or Veterinary Medicine as well as some years of experience.

If you’re looking for a job that entails interacting with animals, this could be the job for you. Many people in America have taken up this vocation privately, and some operate part-time clinics. A veterinarian can earn more than $65 per hour on average.

11. Speech Therapists:

Speech therapists help persons who have trouble creating speech sounds communicate normally.

They may accomplish this with fluency exercises or therapies such as pronunciation guidelines for certain difficult sounds on your vocal chords.

They work in schools, hospitals, and other settings where they may assist their clients in overcoming difficulties so that they can talk more freely.

Speech-language pathologists are in high demand in America, with hourly wages ranging from $45 to $50.

12. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are the pillars of our healthcare system, assisting patients in recovering from surgeries and injuries. As individuals become more health conscious, this profession is expanding at an alarming rate.

To work in this field, you must have a degree in Physical Therapy. A physical therapist might earn between $40 and $50 per hour. If you meet all of your licensure criteria, this task will be well worth your time.

13. Translator

There are numerous occupations available in translation and interpretation. For this employment, all you need to learn is a foreign language and obtain a language certification.

You may work for a multinational corporation, where your duty would be to match the proper person with tasks that require their competence.

The starting hourly cost for this occupation is roughly $25, but an experienced and full-time translator can easily earn more than $40 per hour.

14. Flight Attendants

Flight attendants are highly skilled and well-paid employees in the aviation business. They manage any emergency procedures on board, help passengers with takeoff and landing, and provide additional services.

The average flight attendant earns $20 to $40 per hour, with annual incomes ranging from $60K to $100K+ based on experience, talents, and employer.

15. Nurse

Nursing is a valuable job that can be rewarding if you have a second degree. Nurses earn between $50 and $70 per hour, making them one of the highest-paid occupations in healthcare.

Having a diploma or a graduation degree in nursing, as well as some job experience, would greatly assist you in advancing your career as a nurse practitioner.

Most prestigious hospitals favor candidates/nurses with degrees from recognized universities over community colleges or technical schools.

Other Jobs that can Earn you $40 an Hour

Here  is a list of other jobs that can earn you $40 per hour:

  • Makeup Artist
  • Bookkeeper
  • Website Designer
  • Sales Person
  • Blogger
  • SEO Experts
  • Dog Walker
  • PR Managers
  • Cab Driver
  • Personal Trainer
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Transcriptionist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Tutor
  • Bartenders

Advantages of Jobs that Pay 40 an Hour

Currently, it is hard to survive in a world like ours with low salaries.

In today’s world, people source different streams of income, work in multiple professions, and hustle business ideas just to earn extra cash that will make them live comfortably.

However, this helps them to meet their daily needs and even save for the future, but it can be stressful.

Here are the advantages of having jobs that pay $40 an hour :

  • You can choose when to work whenever you want.
  • Having a passive source of money will make you less stressed.
  • You’ll be able to live a better lifestyle and buy quality items for your family and yourself.
  • You will be fulfilled and you’ll be able to achieve your potential while increasing your output.
  • More money will be saved for retirement or other long-term goals.


Looking at today’s world, it is advisable to get jobs that pay 40 an hour to help cope and at least be comfortable with this fast-changing economy.

We hope with this guide, you will be able to settle for a career that is lucrative and earns you at least 40 an hour.


Yes you can, you can have an excellent career without a college degree

How Much is $40 an Hour Annually?


If you make $40 per day, your hourly salary would be $5.

Yes, $50 an hour is actually good pay. To put things into perspective, $50 an hour is almost seven times higher than the federal minimum wage. 

$1,200 per week is $5,190 per month.

Cooks, dishwashers, fast-food and counter workers

General internal medicine physicians, they earn if not more than $208,000 annually


The average per-hour salary in Canada is $39,000 per year or $20 per hour. 

Average U.S. income in 2021 was $97,962

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