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8 Best Crypto Podcast to Follow in 2023

Crypto podcasts have over time been a resourceful tool for newbies and also professionals. However, you should only go for the best crypto podcast, one that has a lot to offer and will help you grow your career. 

The industry has dominated headlines, from the 2021 crypto boom to the 2023 tales of crumbling crypto empires.

Because the crypto industry is always changing, we are continually receiving updates and fresh information, with little to no indication of what occurred in between.

There are several ways to stay current on the most recent cryptocurrency and blockchain advancements, including news websites, publications, journals, webinars, and social media. 

The top source for expert perspectives that align with your level of expertise and interest, though, is a podcast on cryptocurrency.

Crypto podcasts are not only educational; they also offer a window into the professional lives of professionals and practical advice on how to invest and trade.

It gets difficult to select the top crypto podcast among the thousands available. We’ve stated the best crypto podcasts for you in this article. Read through carefully.

8 Best Crypto Podcasts to Follow in 2023

1. Stephan Livera Podcast

Having debuted in 2018, the tephan Livera Podcast is not only one of the top cryptocurrency podcasts, but it is also one of the oldest. 1-2 new episodes are released each week. 

This podcast is undoubtedly for more experienced crypto investors who used bitcoin early. The Stephan Livera Podcast, however, covers a wide range of crypto-related subjects, including mining, halving, energy use, blockchain technology, software, and many more. 

As a result, it’s the ideal program for all bitcoin authorities to receive their fill of real viewpoints on cryptocurrency-related issues.

Stephen Livera, the show’s host, is renowned for conducting in-depth interviews on a variety of topics, including macroeconomics, libertarianism, the Austrian economy, and, of course, bitcoin. 

With over 3 million downloads, his podcast has a 4.9-star average across 600+ foreign ratings. These statistics are our humble way of stating that it’s one of the top crypto podcasts available.

2. Crypto 101

Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone should come to mind when discussing the top crypto podcast for 2023 since they are responsible for imprinting “Crypto 101” on the minds of computer professionals. 

A popular cryptocurrency podcast called “Crypto 101” tries to inform regular traders and investors about how to profit from the crypto frenzy. Newcomers frequently struggle to understand technical language, financial jargon, and slang. 

Complex crypto concepts are broken down by Paul and Malone into simple, effective investment methods. Since July 2017, it has released 1 episode per week or about 500 episodes to date.

Visit “Crypto 101” if you enjoy learning about various blockchain initiatives and the innovative fintech sector. 

Bryce Paul, a co-founder of the hedge fund Tower 18 Capital, and Aaron Malone, the creator of Collective Ventures, wrote the book “Crypto Revolution: Your Guide to the Future of Money.”

Given the backgrounds of both hosts, “Crypto 101” emerges as a trustworthy resource for beginning investors looking for inspiring and humiliating tales.

3. The Bad Crypto Podcast

best crypto podcast

Contrary to its name, “The Bad Crypto Podcast” is exceptionally good at giving insightful information about changes in the price of cryptocurrencies and other relevant news. 

It’s the greatest crypto podcast for 2023 because it never skips over information about sentiments and trends in the cryptocurrency market.

In addition to continuing to release two episodes weekly, it streamed its first episode in 2017. The “The Bad Crypto Podcast” has released more than 700 episodes thus far.

This podcast is exactly what you need if you have already made a cryptocurrency investment. Joel Comm and Travis Wright, the co-hosts and crypto gurus, have excellent opinions on how to navigate your ship in positive market circumstances.

You can only find “The Bad Crypto Podcast” if you search for the most well-known cryptocurrency on Spotify or another platform. 

If you prefer amusing crypto podcasts to intelligent ones without a punchline, you should check them out for professional opinions on a variety of coins available on the market.

4. What Bitcoin Did

The show’s host, Peter McCormack, is well known for his educational videos explaining Bitcoin’s role in addressing the flaws of the current financial system.

His knowledge of contemporary economics and decentralized finance can help you comprehend Bitcoin and blockchain on a deeper level. 

Influential figures like Michael Saylor, Adam Back, and El Salvador President Nayib Bukele have been highlighted in the documentary “What Bitcoin Did.”

If you’re getting ready to dangle your toes in the cryptosphere, you can binge-listen to all 500 episodes, starting with the first one that aired in 2017. 

A tri-weekly crypto podcast is what it is. It is essentially a beginner’s tutorial to bitcoin, thus there are hundreds of important lessons to learn.

Regardless, both cryptocurrency experts and beginners may learn a ton from his show about Bitcoin. Along with it, you learn about a variety of thought-provoking subjects, including cannabis, censorship, the lightning network, sex workers, and Segwit2x.

5. The Pomp Podcast

The Pomp podcast has earned a spot on our list of crypto podcasts for 2023. They especially focus on educating listeners about finance, entrepreneurship, economics, and more. 

It generally always had fresh episodes available, and as of this writing, 1141 episodes have been broadcast. In May 2018, “The Pomp Podcast” was released.

Anthony Pompliano, the host, and guests from a range of professions meticulously lead the listener through each and every shift that cryptocurrency brings to the corporate world and the economy. 

You can find successful crypto entrepreneurs telling interesting tales about how they got started, from self-made tech moguls to powerful billionaires in this podcast.

Listen to this top bitcoin podcast to remain up to date and receive expert advice straight from the source. In essence, the Pomp Podcast is regarded as a presentation that opens the eyes of individuals who are new to the profession. 

6. Epicenter

The finest crypto podcast has always been Epicenter, according to the criteria that haven’t changed in a decade. 

This program’s only focus is on teaching the cryptocurrency community about emerging technologies, social and economic challenges, and hot-button issues in the sector.

The Epicenter podcast debuted in late 2013 and currently has more than 500 episodes. Every week, a new episode is made available.

Epicenter gives readers all the knowledge they require about the crypto industry without embellishing the truth or heavily saturating it with unfounded assumptions. 

This crypto podcast mainly invites game-changing crypto players, like developers, founders, and builders, to the interviews. The largest crypto headlines are broken down into digestible facts that, if self-analyzed, would be bewildering. 

Epicenter provides comprehensive coverage of a wide range of topics and provides numerous instances of actual crypto investments and trading to help simplify the concepts covered.

7. Bankless

You should listen to the “Bankless” podcast if you’re considering investing in cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, or other digital assets. Every Monday, a new episode of “Bankless” is released. Since the show’s debut in 2020, more than 150 episodes have been made available.

This program is jam-packed with information on DeFi, blockchain, trading strategies, and prospects in crypto finance. Bankless encourages its customers to be what its name implies, from cryptocurrency news coverage to cryptocurrency financing.

The cryptocurrency market is in a state of flux, whether it be due to unexpected price increases or a crash. Bankless covers all potential outcomes for the cryptocurrency market. 

Bankless’ most recent year-end episode is coming up if you somehow missed what happened last year. Listen to one of the top podcasts about cryptocurrencies to plan your 2023 cryptocurrency investments.

8. Unchained

Since its debut in 2016, unchained has shown an average of two to three episodes per week, for a total of more than 400 episodes. It is one of the most popular crypto podcasts in the world due to its consistency and openness to guests from different backgrounds.

Your astonishment at the variety of expert viewpoints and ideas will be genuine. Unchained is one of the best crypto podcasts since it offers a wide range of Web3 themes. 

In contrast to other podcasts that merely discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency, it goes much deeper into NFTs, the metaverse, and a lot more web3 content.

Laura Shin, the show’s host and the author of “The Cryptopians,” regularly features guests who are making a significant contribution to the crypto and web3 industries. 

If you are new to this quickly expanding crypto industry, you should truly go into the guest’s story to extract the most valuable lessons.


We hope you will like the experience as you begin to learn more about cryptocurrency podcasts. The majority of listeners will play an episode while driving or using public transportation. It’s an effective technique to continue learning.

Some podcast producers solely utilize Apple to host their shows, while others might only use Spotify, Google, or even YouTube. It might be worthwhile to listen on many platforms, or even just to look around on your preferred platform. 

We hope you’ll enjoy studying with the help of crypto podcasts wherever you choose to listen.


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Tradestation is the best trader for Bitcoin.

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