Cardano Smart Contracts Developer Finally Launches Vasil Hard Fork on Testnet

Cardano Smart Contracts Developer Just started running on the Cardano testnet, according to the network’s research and development team.

Input-Output Global (IOG) reported that yesterday at around 20:20 UTC, Vasil Hard Fork, the project’s principal developer, published the upgrade to the blockchain’s testnet, which is seen as a crucial step before it goes live on mainnet.

According to the IOG, the Vasil Hard Fork testnet launch will give cryptocurrency exchanges, stake pool operators (SPOs), and developers the chance to thoroughly test the upgrade to make sure everything functions as intended.

Vasil will be tested over the course of the next four weeks, and the announcement adds that once all parties are satisfied that the update is operating as intended, Vasil will eventually go live on the mainnet at the end of this month.

Requirements to Test Vasil

SPOs will also need to make some changes to their scripts, and it is requested that all projects check for backward compatibility. One might anticipate a smooth process. However, throughout the testing phase, the IOG and Cardano Foundation team will be on hand to assist projects.

The [Cardano Smart Contracts Foundation] and IOG teams will collaborate closely with exchanges and DApp/tool creators on this process. IOG continues, “We’ll submit a new proposal to upgrade the Cardano mainnet to Vasil as soon as we’re certain that ecosystem partners are at ease and prepared.

Expected Features of Vasil

Cardano Smart Contracts creator, Charles Hoskinson, called Vasil the most challenging Hard Fork the network’s development team has undertaken. The IOG delayed the Vasil launch from last month to the end of this month in an effort to prevent errors.

Vasil is expected to improve a number of Cardano features, such as the network’s scalability, high throughput dispersion pipelining, script performance, and the blockchain’s effectiveness.

A tweaked Plutus interpreter, a new cost model, and improvements to Cardano cryptographic primitives—all components of Plutus V2 scripts—will also be included in the Vasil upgrade, according to the IOG.


The Vasil upgrade will also feature a modified Plutus interpreter, a new cost model, and enhanced Cardano cryptographic primitives, all of which are parts of Plutus V2 scripts.

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