Deeper Connect Pico: All You Need to Know

The Deeper Connect Pico is the lightest, smallest, and most powerful cybersecurity hardware device in the world. If you want to learn more about this powerful device and how it works, this post was written exclusively for you!

In an era where the internet is used for virtually all our daily tasks, protecting our digital privacy and security is essential.

Although engaging the services of a company with a good VPN is commendable, it has proven not to be the best choice.

A new innovation of a small, palm-sized device that provides a decentralized VPN and also functions as a Wi-Fi router could be the solution!

The Deeper Connect Pico fits the above description and does so much more. Read on!

About Deeper Connect Pico

The Web 3.0 firm Deeper Network created the Deeper Connect Pico.

It is the smallest and lightest cybersecurity device available today. It is particularly distinctive because it makes use of the only decentralized virtual private network in the world, a breakthrough Deeper Network refers to as a “DPN” (a decentralized private network).

In contrast to a regular VPN, this DPN routes your connection through the Deeper Connect Network rather than relying on centralized remote servers.

Each node in this network, which consists of Deeper Connect devices spread out around the globe, functions as both a client and a server.

Can You Mine with Deeper Connect Pico?

Can You Mine with Deeper Connect Pico?

Apart from being a decentralized private network, the Deeper Network provides numerous services, ranging from ad blocking, cyber security, parental control, and lots more.

Initially, the Deeper Connect network did not create its devices with the intention of mining Crypto. However, the mining feature was included in a bid to expand the network and the community at large.

The good thing is that the deeper devices are easy to operate, although the process of registration and mining might require some degree of patience and lots of perseverance.

If you adhere to the rules, your device will be registered in no time! Let’s show you how to go about it.

Firstly, use the internet to connect your deeper device and share bandwidth.

After that is done, you will need to buy and stake a minimum of $1000, which will be included in the deeper chain.

Then, you can stake your tokens for not less than 9 months with a linear investment of 3 months.

If you’re a miner, you can begin on the deeper chain with a credit score of zero.

This is the least expensive method. Before earning any $DPR, a miner must raise their organic credit score to 100 from this point.

What Makes Deeper Connect Pico Unique?

With Deeper Connect Pico’s DPN, you wouldn’t have to worry about geo-blocking.

You can tunnel your connection through certain geographic areas and pretty much do everything else for which you’d need a VPN. It offers all the security and flexibility of a conventional virtual private network.

If you’re the multi-tasking kind or have relatives using different tunnels at the same time, this device’s special Multi-Routing feature enables you to construct many tunnels in various geographic areas simultaneously.

Its smart routing feature will select the quickest available tunnels.

For enterprise-grade security and privacy, Pico’s on-device seven-layer firewall combines with all of your online traffic to encrypt it.

You may also enjoy browsing and streaming without irritating interruptions thanks to built-in ad filtering.

The fact that Pico has no monthly costs is another aspect that sets it apart from standard VPNs. Your Pico and all of its features are yours to use for free as long as you have the device.

All advertisements, including annoying YouTube commercials, can be blocked by Pico. You won’t have to put up with obnoxious interruptions when browsing or watching videos.

How do I Connect to Deeper Pico Network?

The Deeper Pico is portable and can be used in almost any network setting, whether you’re at home, at the office, or simply out and about.

If you want to connect to the Deeper Pico network, you can use the following steps:

1. The Virtual Mode

The Pico connects to your modem and router in a virtual wire mode, acting as a bridge between the modem and router. It encrypts and routes all local network data.

You can turn on Deeper Pico by plugging in the provided charger, which will start working shortly.

By putting or into a web browser, you can access the AtomOS interface for controls over several aspects of the Pico.

2. The Router Mode

Users with an integrated modem/router can use the router mode. When the Pico is in Router Mode, you can plug the Wi-Fi adaptor antenna in and then link the Pico to a modem/router combo device.

 By connecting to the Deeper Connect Pico as a Wi-Fi router, you may then direct all of your traffic to the DPN.

3. Wireless Relay Mode

When accessing public Wi-Fi while traveling, the wireless relay mode is very helpful because you can just connect the Pico (with the antenna attached) to your laptop.

Your online traffic will be safely encrypted and routed through the Deeper Network via your Pico whenever you use a public Wi-Fi network.

This will protect your connection and keep it hidden from prying eyes.

If you frequently travel and find yourself connecting to public wireless networks, which are mostly unsecured, this gives you all the benefits and protection of Pico’s DPN wherever you are.

 It is also an essential tool in your security toolbox.

How to Protect Your Device When Using Deeper Connect

You must safeguard both your IP address and yourself because your device serves as both a client and a server and shares bandwidth with other Deeper Connect users.

 If you share your bandwidth, other network users can search the internet using your IP address.

 To protect yourself on the Deeper Connect Network, adhere to the instructions listed below.

Avoid people using your IP for nefarious purposes by configuring the following:

1. Create a BlackList

Make a list of websites that are prohibited from being accessed using your IP address.

 Enable “apply web filter rules” under the sharing column. You can then navigate to the section under “User Configuration.”

Your blacklist will be created using the tool on the right side of the screen. You can do this to block particular domains.

Wildcards “*” are supported in the URL for the blacklist. To begin, you can download a blacklist from the Deeper Connect Discord server to your device.

2. Turn off Sharing

You can select Sharing Configuration and disable sharing if you do not want to share your bandwidth. When this feature is disabled, using the DPN is still possible without any problems.

However, when you don’t share, you don’t get credit. But, if you use at least 100 megabytes of data each day, you can still get credit.

3. Turn off Bit Torrent

Ensure that no one else is able to download Bit Torrents using your IP address. Turn off Bit Torrent sharing in the Control Panel’s Sharing area.

Your IP cannot be used to download Bit Torrents when this is switched off.

4. Check Your Sharing Log

To find out how your device is being used by other community members, check your sharing log.

This log includes a partial IP address for anyone who used your computer to view various websites.

How to Connect Deeper Pico to your SmartPhone

When you’re done launching the Pico App and Bluetooth is enabled, Pico will instantly connect to your Smartphone.

If you’re using iOS, you can tap the Bluetooth icon by swiping it up from the bottom.

If you’re using Android, you can swipe to “Settings” and switch on the Bluetooth bar.

When you’re done, start the Pico App. To activate it, firmly push the Pico’s Button.

When you’re ready, the Pico Status Indicator Light will turn. Your smartphone will now try to locate and pair with your Pico.

Easy right? You can try it out right away!

Is Deeper Connect Pico Safe?

Yes, Deeper Connect Pico is safe.

To keep you secure online and safeguard all of your IoT devices, Deeper Connect includes a fully featured set of enterprise-grade security features.

Deeper Connect Pico’s most distinctive lock-free operating system, AtomOS, has a 7-layer firewall with deep packet inspection, anti-tracking, intrusion prevention, and other features.

Also, instead of centralized VPN servers that can be vulnerable, everything you do is saved on your devices.

It provides the same privacy services as a VPN while posing fewer security risks to your data.

Similar to using a VPN, you can also browse with unrestricted bandwidth and conceal or alter the location of your browser.


The Deeper Connect Pico works in almost any environment and is portable to take with you everywhere, whether you’re at home, at work, or just out and about.

You can connect to it using the virtual, router, or wireless relay mode.

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