Earthbound Trading co: Everything You Should Know

Earthbound Trading co is a lifestyle retailer that specializes in minerals, native art, hand-crafted goods, essential oils, incense, and jewelry while offering a diverse selection of goods from across the world.

Its 136 stores can be located in local malls, tourist attractions, and outlet malls across the US.

Having open lines of communication with clients is one of the tenets of providing outstanding service. Retailers must first have strong two-way communication with their suppliers in order to achieve that goal.

In addition to needing to be accurate, data must also be shared with suppliers along with its analysis. Retailers can anticipate being able to provide a high-caliber consumer experience when expectations are clearly set.

Today’s buyers also need a lot of information about the goods they are considering purchasing. Customers frequently inquire about products’ origin, fair trade status, material, etc. in addition to asking about price.

It takes a significant IT effort for merchants to collect this kind of detailed information for hundreds or even thousands of products, then communicate it to several shop locations and to customers.

Earthbound Trading Company recognized this issue and realized that effectively resolving it would have a significant positive impact on both sales and customer satisfaction.

As a result, the retailer decided to use Retail Pro POS and retail management software as the backbone of its technology strategy.

We’re a vibrant band of travelers who embrace our oddity and follow our own rhythm. Life is too short to not be who we are, after all! Work is a place where we may enjoy ourselves, work hard, and spread positive energy.

Our selection of bohemian goods includes jewelry, clothing, accessories, and home decor. For inquiring and open-minded customers, the free-spirited team members provide a distinctive experience.

Background: The Need for Digital Transformation

According to Marcelo Fleitas, vice president of information technology at Earthbound Trading, “Customers in today’s environment request a lot of information, so we need to supply it. “However, they lacked the necessary technological tools at the time.

According to Fleitas, Earthbound had five computers in 2001, dial-up Internet access (yep, it was AOL), and refreshed its inventory by faxing orders to the company’s headquarters. Spreadsheets were used to track inventory, which was counted visually at a warehouse.

There was no formal analytics in place despite there being 30 stores. Managers provided feedback over the phone. It was obvious that the entire infrastructure was not tech-friendly. It was awful, he remarked.

The business was nevertheless successful despite realizing that technology may really make operations more effective.

Building Supply Chain Collaboration

One of Earthbound Trading’s biggest problems, as it is for many other retailers, is working with vendors, particularly those from distant countries.

In addition to working with other divisions like accounting and marketing, Earthbound Trading also collaborates with a range of partners, including the photographers who capture the inventory images for the online store.

We had to create a collaborative tool with a productive workflow, according to Fleitas.

Many of the items sold by Earthbound Trading are one-of-a-kind goods from remote locations, such as little Chinese cities and Brazilian villages.

It is crucial for the merchant to understand customs rules and keep track of product history because they constantly deal with import laws. Clear records that are simple to recall are also essential.

Fleitas and his coworkers developed a platform to provide direct communication with vendors and the other way around.

The system encourages contact and communication across all of Earthbound Trading’s internal departments, which results in the creation of new orders.

Quick answers to queries and details on the product obtained directly from the distributor or manufacturer aid in decision-making. Sales can be increased by having more understanding of the product.

Launching Retail Pro

“POS software was the first thing we purchased, according to Fleitas. Earthbound Trading worked with their Retail Pro Business Partner, Retail Information Systems, to meet all of their software needs.

Since Retail Pro makes it easy to do so, we needed to be able to modify the user interface to meet our procedure. We also needed to improve the way we talked to our foreign suppliers.”

Retail Pro 8 was first used by the corporation for all of its operations. It was versatile and simple to use. After a short period of time, it updated to Retail Pro 9, a “true game changer.”

The platform served as the starting point for modules like those for bank reconciliation, and shop restocking. The platform also served in importing shipping and payment data.

Weekly replenishment was simple thanks to the data made accessible by Retail Pro. “We saw revenue expand by 20% when we started using replenishment features in Retail Pro,” Fleitas stated.

History of Earthbound Trading co

It all began in 1994 as a modest rock and mineral shop owned by Steve and Suzana Gordon, lifelong nomads. We’ve developed enduring bonds with both our coworkers and visitors over the course of more than 25 years.

Earthbound’s Continued Growth

Earthbound thinks work should be enjoyable, and they want to create welcoming environments where everyone can interact freely and showcase their various talents in a vibrant setting. We make an effort to assist one another and learn new things constantly.

Heartz Team.

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