Elon Musk’s alleged affair with Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin’s wife  

Elon Musk Denies Alleged Affair Report With Sergey Brin’s wife, According to The Wall Street Journal, which cited sources familiar with the situation.

Elon Musk apparently had a brief affair with the wife of his longtime friend Sergey Brin, which led the Google co-founder to file for divorce from businesswoman Nicole Shanahan early this year. Watch Video

In a filing made in January to the Superior Court of California in Santa Clara County, the couple stated “irreconcilable differences.”

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According to the document, the pair divorced on December 15, 2021.

In 2018, Mr. Brin and Ms. Shanahan got hitched.

The couple’s divorce is a dramatic change in the life of one of the richest men in the world, who still owns a majority interest in Google despite stepping away from its day-to-day operations in 2019.

Elon Musk Denies Alleged Affair Report With Sergey Brin's wife  

With an estimated net worth of $220 billion, the CEO of Tesla is the richest person in the world. With $107 billion, Mr. Brin has the seventh-highest net worth in the world, according to Forbes.

The assets Mr. Brin and Ms. Shanahan jointly own or how they will be divided are not specified in court documents because those facts “are to be ascertained.”

According to documents filed with the court, “any questions as to the property rights or responsibilities of the parties should be resolved by confidential binding arbitration in accordance with a signed agreement between the parties.”

Attorneys for Mr. Brin and Ms. Shanahan, as well as a spokesperson for Mr. Musk, have been contacted by The Independent for comment.

The Wall Street Journal’s report comes after months of intense public interest in Elon Musk’s private life as the Tesla CEO fought for control of Twitter before attempting to back out of the deal.

Meanwhile, his electric vehicle company is the subject of a heightened federal investigation into its autopilot system, which has been implicated in at least 16 crashes that have left 15 people injured and one person dead.

He has refuted claims that he inappropriately touched a flight attendant while working for his aerospace firm SpaceX, and according to Business Insider, he fathered two children in 2021 with an executive of a different business he co-founded, Neuralink.

Additionally, one of his ten children publicly rejected him. According to court documents, his 18-year-old transgender daughter officially changed her name to distance herself from Mr. Musk, as was previously reported last month. Source:

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