150+ Funny Gamertags Ideas That Are Super Cool

Are you looking for a list of funny Gamertags to get your gaming fun started? Everyone knows you by your Gamertag when you’re playing an online game. For this reason, having a funny Gamertag can come with much pressure.

Gamertags play a key role in the gaming community and as such it’s hard to find a gamer who doesn’t have a Gamer tag.  Regardless of how silly or funny they are, they are all charming in some way.

However, in this article, I’ll show you some of my funny Gamertags.

What is Gamertag?

A Gamertag is a username or nickname that you create on Xbox Live. It makes it simple for you to connect with friends and identify yourself in multiplayer games. After signing up, you can change your Gamertag, or you can choose one during the process.

When you create a Gamertag, it’s important to make sure it’s unique so that nobody else has the same name as yours.

Your Gamertag will be visible to everyone on Xbox Live, so it can also be helpful if it’s easy to remember or sounds cool.

How to Create an Xbox Gamertag

Here is a guide on how to create a funny Xbox Gamertag:

Step 1: 

To sign in, visit and click the sign-in option on the right side of the screen.

Step 2: 

You can now create an account using either your phone number or email address. Once that is done, it will prompt you to input your name and birthdate as well as to create a password.

funny Gamertags

Step 3: 

You now need to input the code that was sent to your email address to confirm that it is you you. There will be a test to verify that you are not a robot.

Step 4: 

After verifying that you are not a robot, you will get the stay signed in option; after choosing yes or no, now you will get the final step to create an Xbox account; here, you have to accept the conditions to create the account.

Step 5: 

Xbox automatically allocates a Gamertag for you after finishing the signup process.

Step 6: 

If you want to change the default Gamertag, you need to go to the Xbox profile by clicking on your avatar which is on the right corner of the screen; it will show the Xbox profile option.

funny Gamertags

Step 7: 

Now, go to the customize option, here, you will find a pencil icon beside the Gamertag. Click on the pencil icon; you will be redirected to a page where you can change the Gamertag.

funny Gamertags

Funny Gamertags

Every time you connect to your account, everyone will identify you by the nickname, and as such funny Gamertags are important.

Here are some funny Gamertags that will make your competitors laugh out loud if you want to come across as a fun player straight away.

  1. BehindYou – If you’re a stealth killer, then this is the perfect way to give the other players fair warning.  
  2. BluntMachete – You’re ready to fight. But there’s no promise you’re going to win.
  3. HeresWonderwall – Whether you’re a musician or not, this will make everyone playing with you roll their eyes and groan. 
  4. BenAfleckIsAnOkActor – No one is going to argue with you on this one.
  5. MyNameDoesntFi – Don’t you hate when that happens?  
  6. Orkward – For all the awkward gamers out there. 
  7. Moofasa – Anyone who hates Lion King has no heart.. 
  8. LOWERCASE GUY – There’s nothing gamers love more than all caps. 
  9. RejectedBachelorContestant – This will let the world know you’re looking for love in all the wrong places. 
  10. BlueIvysAssistant – Come on. Who doesn’t love Queen B? 
  11. EdgarAllenPoo – This shows you’re classy when it comes to your literature, but not much else. 
  12. TickleMeElmo – Only 90s kids will understand.
  13. ArianaGrandesPonytail – She’s such a legend that even her hair is famous. 
  14. FlungPuPanda – You’re cute and cuddly and gross at the same time. A deadly combination. 
  15. IntelligentZombie – You might be brain-dead, but you have a little bit of common sense. That’s more than most people can say. 
  16. ManicPixieMemeGirl – You’re every gamer boy’s dream. At least, he thinks you are.
  17. WhatsURSign – Nothing brings gamers closer together than talking about their birth charts. 
  18. HotNameHere – If you think everyone else will go easier on a hot person, this will put your theory to the test. 
  19. NotFunnyAtAll – Set the bar low. That way, whenever you’re actually funny, you’ll look hilarious
  20. arjarBlinkz – The best character in Star Wars, hands down. 
  21. WhyNotCats – Why not this Gamertag? 
  22. ClawAndOrder – Dun Dunn!
  23. AllGoodNamesRGone – Luckily, this one might still be left. 
  24. ThanosLeftHand – Even after all this time, it’s hard to stop talking about End Game. 
  25. UFOBeliever – XFiles anyone? 
  26. ShaquilleOatmeal – If you’re playing an NBA game, no other name can beat this one. It’s larger than life. 
  27. HeyYouNotYouYou – It can be hard to communicate over the internet, so you might as well make it even more confusing. 
  28. PewPewYaDead – This is the point of most games, isn’t it? 
  29. QuaratineInTheseJeans – This proves you’re being a responsible citizen. No one will want to kill your character once they know that, right? 
  30. JustAHarmlessPotato – This will trick your competition into thinking they have absolutely nothing to worry about. You couldn’t harm a fly. 

Funny Gamertag for Boys

If you are a boy with no idea what to call yourself, here are some funny Gamertags for you.

  1. DirtBag – This way no one will be surprised when you start cursing everyone out. 
  2. ChubbinLovin – No explanation needed. 
  3. UnicornFarts – Unicorns are animals, too. They can’t help it.
  4. StickyBoots – Hopefully it’s only gum.
  5. ActuallyNotChrisHemsworth – But you look as hot as him, so the confusion is understandable. 
  6. JoeNotExotic – Tiger King is still relevant, right?
  7. DosentAnyoneCare – Who knows? If you admit you’re in pain, maybe you’ll get a virtual hug. 
  8. Casanova – You’re a ladies’ man and aren’t afraid to admit it. 
  9. Balzaq – The classiest way to show your immaturity. 
  10. BigfootIsReal – You need to spread awareness of this beautiful creature. 
  11. JonnyAwesome – Bonus if your name is actually John. 
  12. Moosalini – For all the pun lovers out there. 
  13. KnobGoblin – Maybe look this up on Urban Dictionary first. 
  14. MelonSmasher – Your grossness might scare your competition away. 
  15. DroolingOnU – Let the world know you’re horny AF. 

Bad Ass Gamertag for Girls

If you want everyone to know you’re a girl player, you should come up with a badass Gamertag will let everyone know you shouldn’t be messed with.

  1. AngelWonderland – This will make you sound soft and sweet, so no one will see your blade coming. 
  2. JessisGirl – You’re taken. So everyone else can back off. 
  3. BadKarma – If someone messes with you, they’re going to pay. 
  4. TakenByWine – Gaming is much more fun when alcohol is involved. 
  5. InstaPrincess – Gaming never looked so good. 
  6. BarbieBreath – Barbie can be a doctor, a lawyer–or a brutal killer.
  7. PawneeGoddess – You have great taste and aren’t afraid to show it. 
  8. LaughUntilUPee – You’re not only here to kill. You’re here to have fun. 
  9. MyMaceUrFace – You’re not stupid. You always carry protection. 
  10. LaserChick – Perfect for games with actual lasers. Or actual chickens.
  11. PixieDust – You love Disney princesses. But you love Disney villains more. 
  12. HealOKitty – You’re not going anywhere. You’ll heal and start the fight again.
  13. DoraTheDestroya – You might look innocent, but you have a dark side. 
  14. KungFuBarbie – You prove no one should judge books by their cover. 
  15. CrazyCatLady – Like your cats, you have claws. 

Awesome Gamertag Ideas for Fierce Players

If you want your character to be seen as a threat, then giving yourself funny Gamertags isn’t it. You can pick badass, hard names like the ones below!

  1. PainSlayer – You bring the pain. Always. Every time. 
  2. BlackStabbath – You’re not afraid to stab people in the back. You’re a ruthless killer. 
  3. BigDamnHero – You might be a killer, but in your mind, you’re the good guy. 
  4. Unbreakabull – No one can tear you down. You’ll always get back up again. 
  5. BloodSail – Any guy with this name must be a badass. No doubt about it. 
  6. SeekNDstroy – You don’t let anyone get away. They can’t outrun you. 
  7. KnewTooMuch – You don’t leave any loose ends. You finish the job. 
  8. Disembowel – You have guts–and you aren’t afraid to get guts on you. 
  9. KissMyAxe – You might curse like a sailor, but you know there are kids who play this game, so you’re watching your language.
  10. FightClubAlum – You might be out of your mind, but you’re a hell of a good fighter. 
  11. PennywiseTheClown – You’re a worse nightmare than Stephen King could’ve created. 
  12. Xenomorphing – Not even aliens will slow you down. 
  13. LaidtoRest – May your enemies rest in peace.  
  14. Eviscerated – Is there a more badass word in the English language? 
  15. GhostFaceGangsta – Alliteration can be scary, too. 
  16. SorryIKillYou – At least you’re being polite about your murder.
  17. AmTrash – You might not be confident, but at least you’re honest.
  18. BeardedAngel – Get rid of gender stereotypes by letting everyone know you’re a sweet, gentle man.
  19. B4UShout – Remind everyone to stay calm, because getting your earphones blown out is never any fun.
  20. NastyHulk – You’re even meaner than the green guy, but just as dangerous.
  21. TrollerGoals – This way, everyone will know to hate you as soon as they see you.
  22. DeathMachine – It’s short, sweet, and straight to the point.
  23. TooOldForThis – It’s hard to feel young when literally everyone you’re playing against is still in school.

Cool Gamertag For You

If those game lovers looking for a username, here are cool names you can pick from. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Xbox player or a Playstation player.

  1. BlowJab – Killers need to get laid, too. 
  2. SexyShooter – You’re bad, but you look so damn good.
  3. SuperMagnificentExtreme – That’s how people say you are in bed. You might as well advertise it. 
  4. Meatyourbeat – If you’re playing a competitive game, masturbation is going to come up sooner or later, anyway. 
  5. FastAndTheCurious – Sometimes, moving fast is a good thing. 
  6. Dkinabox – SNL fans won’t lay a finger on you once they see this. You’ll be bonded for life. 
  7. Batmon – Superheros sound better with an accent. 
  8. Tinfoilhat – Conspire with your friends! That’s what the internet is for nowadays.
  9. TasteTheRambo – Trust him, it’s delicious. 
  10. IHazQuestion – This one is really going to show your age.
  11. Unnecessary – At least, that’s what your parents always say about you. 
  12. GaryTheSnail – Everybody loves a good Spongebob reference. 
  13. NameNotImportant – You’re a private person. No one needs to know your real identity. It worked for Spiderman and it can work for you. 
  14. PeterParkersPuberty – His voice cracks while his enemy’s bones crack. 
  15. GoogleWasMyIdea – Starting off with a lie is always good. Especially when they can easily fact-check it. 
  16. Molotov – Fight fire with fire.
  17. BestServedCold – Just like revenge. And pizza.   
  18. KillSpree – Because one death isn’t nearly enough to rank. 
  19. Brostrodamis – Make a French astronomer roll in his grave. 
  20. FishTacos – Defeat your opponents by making them too hungry to keep playing. 
  21. EatBullets – Threaten them to show them who’s boss! What could go wrong? 
  22. TedBundyHandsome – Let them know you’re dangerous–but also weirdly attractive. 
  23. SimplyTheBest – Schitt’s Creek fans will go nuts over this one. 
  24. Knuckles – For gamers who aren’t fans of guns and swords. 
  25. Guillotine – The old-fashioned way to die.
  26. HellNBack – You’re not afraid of dying. You’ll always respawn.
  27. HappyKilling – You’ll destroy everyone, but you’ll do it with a smile on your face. 
  28. AngelOfDeath – You’re a devil in disguise. 
  29. PartyOnWayne – Wayne, and Garth approve of this Gamertag.
  30. ManicLaughter – There’s no scarier sound. Ask Walter White. 

Cool Fortnite Names

Are you looking for a name to call your character or clan names for your whole team, then here are some of the best ideas you can pick from!

  1. JustATeenager – Maybe this will stop everyone from being creepy and hitting on you. 
  2. ImaRobot – Maybe other players will be nice to you to stop the uprising. 
  3. BadChicken – What does this mean? Who knows? Have fun confusing everyone! 
  4. IWasReloading – Excuses, excuses…
  5. IYELLALOT – Let them know to turn their volume down immediately. 
  6. AverageStudent – There’s nothing wrong with being average. 
  7. DamnKids – Perfect for when you’re the oldest one playing the damn game. 
  8. ImmaCutchu – The cutest way to say an inappropriate thing. 
  9. DontFeedMe – Eating after midnight is always a mistake. 
  10. MomsSpaghetti – If other players don’t get the reference, they’ll simply assume your mom is an excellent cook. 
  11. YESIMFUNNY – At least you have confidence. Or is it delusion? 
  12. INeed2P – It will explain why your character suddenly stopped moving in the middle of the game. 
  13. CerealKiller – Everyone is on your hit list. No one is safe. Not even breakfast foods. 
  14. ReeseWitherFork – When it comes to killing, forks are always more helpful than spoons. 
  15. SantasNumber1Elf – Get into the holiday season early. Spread some cheer. 
  16. ProbablyCheating – Give the other players a head’s up that you cannot be trusted. Not even a little bit.
  17. ChillDude – Make sure you live up to your namesake. That means no rage quitting.
  18. ThirdDegreeBurn – It hurts even more than you would think.
  19. SavageScorpio – If you put your zodiac sign in your Gamertag, you’ll be giving them a lot of information in very few words.
  20. NoDrugsHere – This might give away the fact that you’re high. But you might be too high to care.
  21. Don’tReviveMe – For gamers with a death wish.
  22. TooDrunkToWin – It might be an excuse, but at least it’s a fun excuse.

Unique Gamertag Ideas

If you need a unique Gamertag that’s never been done before, try some of these ideas down below. If they don’t work, then tweak them slightly until they do!

  1. NotJamesBond – Or should Bond come first?
  2. KingOfDairyQueen – It’s the best place to rule over, by far.
  3. IHateKittehs – You monster!
  4. HappyPurgeDay – Show them you have excellent taste in average horror films.
  5. RipYourHeartOut – You’ll break their heart. Then eat it.
  6. BloodDrainer – Like a vampire. But with fewer sparkles.
  7. TheKingIsDead – It’s time for a new king to take the throne.
  8. Alpha – Let them know you’re in charge. And that you’re kind of a douche.
  9. NoThisIsPatrick – Teens and twenty-somethings can never get enough Spongebob jokes.
  10. SuckMyPopsicle – The classiest way to tell someone to suck your dick.
  11. WellEndowedPenguin – Everyone knows you’re lying, so you might as well throw a penguin in there.
  12. TeaBaggins – If you’re going to be gross, at least be clever about it.
  13. ImmaRageQuit – Let everyone know you’re a sore loser.
  14. IBoopURNose – Channel your inner Alexis Rose.
  15. InJailOutSoon – You’re not only a threat in the game. You’re a threat IRL.

Funny Gamertags Everyone Will Love

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, then don’t be afraid to get creative. Here are some of the cleverest names you can call yourself online that hopefully aren’t taken: 

  1. HighFive – Show you’re a team player. After all, virtual high-fives are as good as virtual hugs.
  2. Hungry2Win – You won’t stop until you win. Or your controller runs out of batteries.
  3. HeartTicker – You can stop their hearts while yours keeps beating on. 
  4. MagicSchoolBusDropout – Miss Frizzle fans will get a kick out of this one. 
  5. LoveMeKnot – Use reverse psychology to find love online. It’s better than Tinder.
  6. MeForPresident – You’re more qualified than you-know-who.
  7. ActuallyTheDog – He plays better than the human. The human sucks. 
  8. Applebottomjeans – Is the song stuck in your head yet?
  9. NetflixAndKill – Who has time for sex? You’re too busy gaming to go on hot dates.
  10. MortalityReturns – Remind everyone that, no matter how fearless they are, they’re still mortal. If they forget, you’re going to remind them.
  11. MemesRUS – It’s not really the internet without unwanted, overdone memes, is it?
  12. Vote4Beyonce – She’s already the queen, so why not make her the president?
  13. Moth2DaFlame – You’re hot like fire. And you burn like fire. 
  14. AlwaysDrunk – There’s nothing wrong with celebrating your wins (and losses) with a nice cold beverage.
  15. VictoryLovesMe – You’re going to win. It’s only a matter of time before it happens. 
  16. URMyPrey – The element of surprise is overrated. You should let them know you’re coming for them, so it’s a fair fight.
  17. ShowMeURGuts – At least you’re asking politely. You might be a killer, but you have a heart made of gold.
  18. WickedImpulse – You might not be great at much, but you’re fantastic at jamming buttons. At least you have that going for you. 
  19. UnfriendMe – Make them hate you right off the bat. 
  20. FreeHugz – This is a hard offer to turn down, even when the hugs are only virtual
  21. Waiting2HuntU – They can’t get mad at you if you give them a warning ahead of time. 
  22. SmartPotato – You might be a couch potato, but that doesn’t mean your IQ is low.
  23. BudLightyear – You can’t play a game without a six-pack and some pizza. 
  24. PluralizesEverythings – For people who doubt good grammar is sexy. 
  25. SniperPrincess – Princesses don’t have to be damsels anymore. 
  26. HogwartsFailure – You couldn’t even graduate from pretending school, so you’re out of luck in the real world. 
  27. AbductedByAliens – Probing is always a great conversation starter. 
  28. CoolShirtBra – Kill them with compliments. Then your machete. 
  29. SaintBroseph – Even saints sin sometimes. 
  30. AcidQueen – Because killing them with kindness never works.


That’s all; you now know how to switch your embracing Gamertag for a fun and amusing one. Additionally, you learned a few amusing and clever Gamertags.

You can leave a comment below if you have any queries regarding changing your Gamertag. Additionally, you can enter your amusing and cool Gamertag in the comment section if you want to add it to the list above.


What Are Some Cool Gamertags?
  • Angels Creed.
  • Arsenic Coo.
  • Atomic Blastoid

OG is Gamertag which has one word.

One that stands out among the others.

Extremely rare.

Yes, you can.

Fortunately, it can.

How your name is displayed on older games

No, you can’t

 Between $4.75 and $150.00

Heartz Team.

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