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How to Buy Catgirl Crypto in 2022

Catgirl is a new cryptocurrency, that has recently become popular in the crypto world. So have you ever wondered how you could buy catgirl crypto? Read through this article to find out.

In this article, you can follow the step-by-step guide on how to buy Catgirl Crypto. The crypto markets have grown significantly over the past year, even as all major cryptocurrencies reached their all-time high prices during the March-April 2021 crypto bull run.

While the bull market continued for a few months, the crypto markets experienced one of the greatest cryptos crashes in the past decade on May 19.

Since then, however, a large number of coins have been recovered.

Every day, new coins are introduced into the crypto markets, inspired by the success of existing cryptocurrencies. The Catgirl crypto is one such freshly created cryptocurrency.

What is Catgirl Crypto?

Catgirl is a community-driven NFT cryptocurrency that is used in the real world that was launched in Q3 2021.

The creators make every effort to gratify their audience and maximize coin holders’ benefits through deflationary and rapid rewards.

Users can purchase certified collectible NFTs on Catgirl Marketplace, as well as improve characters and their appearance in Catgirl Workshop, according to the official website.

Catgirls and all visuals were created by a great team of designers and artists, according to the team.

The platform’s creators understand that their project is viewed as a meme-coin by the public, but they also emphasize their genuine dedication to projects and investments.

Catgirl has a well-defined product concept and a realistic plan, which you can see here. The company is new, being established at the end of May 2021, and the developers’ major purpose was to release a product and demonstrate their commitment to the coin’s future.

Who Are the Founders of Catgirl?

Catgirl was founded by three people who have opted to remain anonymous for the time being. A leading developer (a professional with ten years of experience in software development and knowledge of several programming languages).

Also, a graphic designer and web developer (with four years of experience in web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and nine years in graphic design) and a writer in charge of content creation and social media management make up the team.

The head of marketing is also an artist who designs original characters, has experience with SEO and social advertising campaigns, and was one of the first persons to launch several popular anime projects on Instagram.)

How to Buy Catgirl Crypto

How to Buy Catgirl Crypto

Open a Binance account

Because CATGIRL is a BSC token, opening a Binance account is the first step toward purchasing it. It’s simple to do, and all you’ll need is an email address and a password. After that, you’ll need to validate your account by entering some basic personal information.

You can fund your account with a bank transfer once it has been verified. You can purchase Binance Coin after your account has been funded (BNB). To complete your purchase of CATGIRL, you’ll need a wallet.

Download Trust Wallet or Metamask

A cryptocurrency wallet is a way of storing cryptocurrency that is not linked to a centralized exchange.

Cryptocurrency wallets can be used for a number of things, including enhanced security and access to decentralized finance (DeFi) features.

To get a wallet, download the application on your computer and sign up for an account. Following that, you will be given a wallet address. However, obtaining the BSC wallet address and adding the BSC network to your wallet is critical.

Because these wallets default to the Ethereum chain, sending BNB to one will result in it being lost forever.

Convert your BNB Tokens

Find the wallet address once you’ve created a BSC wallet. This can be found by selecting “receive” from the menu. Go to Binance and click the “send” button beneath your BNB position after you have the wallet address.

Execute the deal by entering the wallet address and the amount of BNB to send. Your BNB will be stored in your wallet after that, and you’re almost ready to purchase cat girl crypto.

Make your Purchase

Navigate to PancakeSwap now that you have a BNB wallet. In the top right corner, connect your wallet. Search for the BNB cat girl after your wallet is connected.

0x79eBC9A2ce02277A4b5b3A768b1C0A4ed75Bd936 is the exact address of this pair. Then select the amount of BNB you want to swap for catgirl and complete the transaction.

You may need to increase slippage fees to 10-15% while making the transaction. This is due to the fees charged by cat girl on all transactions. Your catgirl will be stored in the BSC area of your wallet once you’ve completed the transaction.

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Is Catgirl Crypto a Good Investment?

The Cat Girl platform was designed with the intention of bringing NFT to a wider audience by engaging users with its theme, interface, and anime culture orientation.

Cat Girl is obviously a meme coin, but it’s more of an NFT than a meme coin, and the developers’ objective is to establish a full-fledged game platform, not a standard for mass marketing.

The incorporation of anime into the realm of cryptocurrency, according to Catgirl, will expand opportunities in the NFT industry and usher in a new era.

The creators of Catgirl’s main goal is to combine blockchain technology, game mechanics, and DeFi to draw attention to NFT and raise it to a new level.

The Catgirl team wants to set itself apart from the competition, so they place a high value on the use of cryptocurrency in the real world and allow token holders to spend their coins for entertainment.

CAT stands for the following:

C – Curiosity (the team is constantly learning to make their project only better),

A – Act (the team is in the process, working, going towards the intended goal),

T – Trust (Catgirl is trying to ensure maximum trust between the team and the community).

The Cativerse is the developers’ own environment, which includes a Marketplace (for trading and swapping NFTs – Catgirl Collectibles), Workshop (for owners to personalize Catgirls), Farming (for staking Catgirl NFTs and earning CATGIRL tokens), and Social (a space where users communicate with each other).

In addition, Catgirl includes a Mystery Box for obtaining NFT Catgirl, which contains a variety of things of different rarity levels.

How Many Catgirl Crypto Are There in Circulation?

With the ticker cat girl, the platform offers a deflationary token built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The total coin supply is 100 quadrillion, of which 50 quadrillion have already been burned, while the circulation supply is 50 quadrillion and reducing.

The $CATGIRL variable is used to participate in the Kitty Lottery and to earn rewards.

The following are the transaction fees: 4% is distributed to all holders; 5% is immediately added to the liquidity pool, and 1% is allocated to the marketing budget. On DxSale, 1% of the allocation to the team is locked in for four years.

Where Can You Buy Catgirl Crypto?

The cat girl token is available on the Binance mainnet and on PancakeSwap (V2), a Binance Smart Chain-based decentralized exchange, as of August 2021. (DEX).

Furthermore, Catgirl features a decentralized exchange built on PancakeSwap (V2), which allows token holders to exchange BNB for Catgirl or other stablecoins via Catgirl Swap.

You can read CoinMarketCap’s guide on how to buy BTC, BNB, or cat girl if you’re interested in learning more. Check out the most popular NFT protocols and tokens right here.

On June 3rd, 2021, Cat Girl became tradable for the first time. It has an unknown total supply. Catgirl’s market capitalization is USD $17,862,544.68. Also, Catgirl’s current price is $1.98e-9, and it is now ranked 3101 on Coinmarketcap, with a recent spike of 54.87 percent at the time of writing.

Catgirl has been listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges, but unlike other major cryptocurrencies, it cannot be purchased using fiat currency.

You can still buy catgirl crypto by first buying USDT on any fiat-to-crypto exchange and then transferring it to an exchange that trades this coin.


You may buy Catgirl coins in a number of ways from several online marketplaces, including Binance and Coinbase, then link your cryptocurrency wallet to PancakeSwap to exchange your BSCs or BNBs for Catgirl coins.

If you’re considering buying these coins, we advise doing some preliminary study to get the complete picture.

In particular, the internet is rife with fraud and false assets, which is why it’s crucial to understand what you’re getting into before parting with your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy Catgirl With Cash?

There is no direct way to buy Catgirl crypto with cash. However, you can use marketplaces such as LocalBitcoins to first purchase USDT, and finish the rest of the steps by transferring your USDT to respective AltCoin exchanges.

Yes, in fact, Europe is one of the easiest places to buy cryptos in general. There are even online banks in which you can simply open an account and transfer money to exchanges such as Coinbase and Uphold.

Yes. It is also a very easy platform for buying Bitcoin with credit cards. It is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to exchange crypto fast and buy it with a bank card. Its user interface is very easy to use and the buying steps are pretty self-explanatory.

There was no Catgirl token pre-sale, just a fair launch with a one-year LP lock. Solidity Finance conducts an audit of Catgirl. The company was established in January 2021.

In a nutshell, Solidity Finance LLC offers low-cost, high-quality smart contract auditing services.

Yes, it is.

Heartz Team.

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