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How to Buy Kishu Inu Coin

How to Buy Kishu Inu Coin: It is a new cryptocurrency that was launched in April 2021. It was inspired by the creation of Dogecoin and uses a dog breed – the Shiba Inu as its icon.

In the first four weeks of its inception, KISHU took the crypto world by storm, exceeding a market cap of $2 billion and attracting more than 100,000 investors.

It became the key moment in the project’s development. If you’re looking to get it, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to Buy Kishu Inu Coin.

What Is Kishu Inu?

Kishu Inu (KISHU) is a  cryptocurrency that was inspired by the creation of Dogecoin and other dog-based meme coins. The currency was launched as an Ethereum-based token in 2021, and the project even purchased billboards in Times Square to promote it.

Kishu Inu’s mission is to take meme coins to the next level. The team intends to make the project more than a joke or a meme, and, most importantly, to provide the KISHU token with the qualities of a true long-term currency.

Kishu Inu’s main competitive advantage over comparable coins is that it is entirely community-owned: the creators do not reserve tokens for the team instead, rely on donations.

Furthermore, Kishu Inu is a decentralized transactional network with a community focus, which means the community makes all decisions. The project intends to mainstream non-fungible tokens, decentralized finance, and participation rewards, among other next-generation concepts.

On April 17, 2021, the dog theme was released. However, Kishu has already been named as Doge’s older brother by supporters of digital assets and crypto enthusiasts. A series of billboards promoting the coin in New York Times Square sparked interest in the currency.

How to Buy Kishu Inu Coin

Find an Exchange

KISHU can be purchased on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange (DEX). Since Uniswap is a cryptocurrency-only exchange, you’ll need to connect your digital wallet and buy KISHU using crypto.

Users can buy KISHU tokens on DEX called Kishu Swap, which is part of the KISHU ecosystem.

Purchase ETH to Swap

To buy KISHU, you’ll need to buy Ethereum (ETH) and deposit it into your digital wallet. The ETH will be used to exchange for KISHU and to pay transaction fees on the Ethereum network.

A centralized crypto exchange, such as Coinbase or Gemini, can be used to buy ETH.

Transfer ETH to a Digital Wallet

To use a decentralized exchange, you must first purchase ETH and then transfer it to an Ethereum-compatible digital wallet (such as MetaMask wallet).

You can withdraw your coins from most exchanges by inputting your digital wallet address and transferring the coins off the platform. Withdrawing your tokens may incur network fees.

Warning: Always double-check that you’ve sent your coins to the correct wallet address and that your wallet supports them. You may lose your funds if you don’t.

Connect Digital Wallet to a Decentralized Exchange

You need to ensure that your digital wallet supports the Ethereum network in order to connect to a decentralized exchange (such as Uniswap or Kishu Swap).

When purchasing KISHU on the market, you’ll also need a balance of ETH tokens to pay the network’s “gas fees.”

Kishu Inu Ecosystem

These features distinguish Kishu coins from many other similar coins, which are often built on hype and the “fear of missing out.” Meanwhile, the developers of Kishu Inu hope that it will continue to be relevant in the future.

The Kishu Inu ecosystem consists of:

Kishu Swap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to swap ERC-20 tokens in a variety of ways. Also, it is powered by Uniswap, which is one of the world’s largest and most secure DEX platforms.

Kishu Crate is the Kishu Inu community’s NFT market, where users can stake KISHU tokens in exchange for exclusive rewards and one-of-a-kind unique digital items.

Collectibles are awarded out of the staking pool and are a part of the Kishu Inu community. On the platform, artists can participate in regular contests in which the community votes on and selects artwork for Kishu Crate.

Kishu Paw Print is an app that allows you to keep track of your KISHU token statistics. Prizes and rewards related to KISHU, current token valuations, total wallet balance, and price charts, are examples of indicators.

Kishu Swag is a merchandise store run by a transparent non-profit organization with no shareholders or owners. Also, its proceeds and sales directly support the project, which is utilized to develop the Kishu Inu platform and community.

How Many Kishu Inu Coins Are there in Circulation?

$KISHU is an ERC-20 standard utility token with a maximum supply of 100 quadrillion coins for the Kishu Inu platform, and a crucial feature of a decentralized usage rewards mechanism.

A built-in redistribution mechanism in Kishu Inu sends 2% of every transaction to KISHU holders, promoting community usage and a healthy allocation network. As a result, the more active the community is, the greater the rewards for token owners.

Furthermore, according to the developers, Kishu Inu provides users with a risk-free passive profit that can be obtained without trading.

Therefore, the advantages of the KISHU token:

  • Inter-wallet transfers, which charge lower transaction fees than traditional banking, can be used to send KISHU across international borders.
  • KISHU owners can add coin earnings to their online wallets by staking KISHU, which ensures a profit without trading.
  • Holders of KISHU can lend money to other users on the network and get interested if the debt is repaid.
  • Also, All transactions (trading, clearing, and transfer) are completed in a matter of minutes with KISHU.

Where Can You Buy Kishu Inu Coin?

Kishu Inu (KISHU) is traded on Uniswap (V2),, Poloniex, OKEx, MEXC, LBank, Bitrue, KickEX, ShibaSwap, Hotbit, AEX, CoinTiger, BitMart, BitForex, LATOKEN, BigONE, Decoin, and ZT as of December 2021.

Is Kishu Inu a Good Investment?

When Kishu Inu announced the crypto coin in April 2021 as the big brother of the well-known Dogecoin, enthusiasts wondered if it would be as popular as the Elon Musk-backed coin. Is it going to be the next big cryptocurrency? It is worth knowing that Kishu Inu drew over 100,000 investors in the first month of its launch.

Investors, on the other hand, are familiar with Dogecoin’s ups and downs in the crypto market. The issue, therefore, becomes, “Is Kinsu Inu a good investment?” It appears to be true.

For one reason, the coin tries to set itself apart from other meme coins by including features that are useful in real life. The Kishu Crate and the Kishu Swap are two of them. Kishu holders can also earn passive returns by earning a 2% redistribution fee on every transaction.

Second, Kishu is one of the very few meme currencies with a capped supply. The Kishu supply is limited, with only 100 quadrillion tokens in circulation. A fixed supply, according to experts, acts as a hedge against inflation.


Kishu Inu is a dog-themed cryptocurrency inspired by Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, two popular meme coins. Kishu Inu coins are used to power and secure the Kishu Inu blockchain and can be traded on decentralized exchanges. Also, KISHU coins are used on the Kishu Inu exchange, NFT marketplace, and rewards platform.


Who Owns KISHU?

The total supply of KISHU tokens is 100 quadrillion. KISHU is owned wholly by the community of stakeholders and is developed and built by community volunteers. Kishu Inu utilizes Telegram communication to further its development and mission of being community-driven.

Is Kishu Inu a Legitimate Cryptocurrency? Yes, Kishu Inu is a legitimate cryptocurrency. It has official validation and recognition in the crypto market. You can purchase it through all major crypto exchanges, such as ZT, LBank, Gate, and Uniswap.

Kishu Inu’s price today is US$0.0000000006324, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.91 M.

There is a considerably higher chance that the KISHU Inu Coin will rise in 2022 again. If there is a bull rally in 2022, the KISHU Inu may hit its all-time new high in 2022. 

But the good news is that you can Buy Kishu Inu with USDT coins easily. All you have to do is to log onto Binance and buy USDT, after you have bought them, you have to transfer them to Okex exchange or you can buy from Bitru as well.

Yes, you can.

No, it is not.

MEXC, OKX, Bitrue, CoinTiger, and BitMart. 

Yes, it is.

 Heartz Team.

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