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How to Make a Custom Trading Card

Do you want to how to make a custom trading card? Then read the article to the end. Because you may select which ones to study and add them to your flashcards, they are referred to as Custom Cards.

How to Make a Custom Trading Card 

The following steps will guide you on how to make a custom trading card:

Use a PC That Has an Editing Software or Word Processor

Any program that enables you to create shapes, input images, and create text boxes will work, including Microsoft Word, Pages, Photoshop, and others.

While Photoshop is a little more sophisticated than word processors like Microsoft Word and Pages, they are both very user-friendly and easy to use.

Use the application that gives you the most comfort. A printer needs to be accessible to your computer. You can pay to have your trading cards produced at any store that offers printing services, like FedEx Office, if you don’t have access to a printer.

Create the Artwork For Your Cards

Depending on the kind of trading cards you’re generating, the style of artwork you employ will vary. To store your photographs, make a folder on your computer.

Use this folder to save your images or artwork so you may set them aside while making your card template.

  • If you want to make a distinctive trading card game, drawing your own illustrations is a terrific choice. To give your characters a polished appearance, you should sketch them out in pencil and color them using markers. After you’ve sketched your characters, either use a scanner or printer to scan the drawings into your computer, or snap a photo of each figure and upload it to your computer. Make sure there are no shadows and bright illumination if you decide to take shots.
  • Making a custom trading card game is easy when you use images of your friends, family, or even pets as your characters. Just upload to your computer images of each person you want to be a character.
  • To create your own baseball cards, download images of your favorite baseball players to your computer.
  • Create square-shaped graphics by cropping your photos or artwork. It will be considerably simpler to include them in your templates as a result.

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Design the Template For Your Cards

Launch the software of your choice, then start a new project or document. Due to the ease of use of Pages, we’ll pretend to be using it.

It will be very similar to using Microsoft Word, however, the buttons and actions might have slightly different names.

  • To insert a rectangle into your document, click “Insert Shape.” Drag the rectangle’s dimensions until it is the right size for the selected trading card. The measurements for your rectangle’s size will show up as you drag it. Around 2.5 inches broad and 3.5 inches in height characterize standard trading cards.
  • To get an idea of size, hold a playing card or trading card up to your computer screen and adjust the measurements of your rectangle until it is the same size as the card. If you utilize this technique, make sure your document is zoomed in to 150 percent for accuracy.
  • Make a strong border around your rectangle so you can cut it out.
  • It’s time to add text boxes with your character’s or person’s name and information once you’ve designed the card’s shape. Write the name of your character or other individuals in the small text box you’ve added to the top of your card. Next, create a text box along the bottom of your card that is a little bit larger. You will list your character’s or person’s information here.
  • Use a readable typeface to make it simple to read the name and other information.
  • Your card should now have an empty square region in the center; this is where your character’s picture or artwork will go.

Add Your Artwork to Your Templates

Do you still have the artwork or pictures from before that you set aside? It’s time to incorporate them into your template now.

Drag your first character or person onto your template after opening the folder where your photographs are kept.

You can adjust the image’s proportions to make it fit the square area that you’ve left empty. Now, your business card needs to include a name, a picture, and a description.

Create a Full Sheet of Templates and Make Each One an Individual Person or Character

You can create several cards from a single piece of paper by copying and pasting your template.

Your card template should fit on one sheet nine times if you choose a normal card size. Put 4-6 card templates on a sheet if you created a larger card size.

  • Click “Edit” in the top-left corner, then click “Select All,” and then copy and paste your whole template (the rectangular form and the text fields combined).
  • To ensure that each card is for a different character or individual, add the names and information for each of your characters to your templates. Drag and resize the image for each character or person into the templates.
  • After carrying out this procedure for each card template, you ought to have a sheet of individual trading cards that are prepared to print.

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Print Your New Trading Cards 

To give your cards the right consistency, use thicker paper. You may purchase this kind of paper from any office supply store.

  • Save your papers to a flash drive or thumb drive and bring them to your neighborhood printing shop if you are unable to print them at home. Make sure you choose thicker paper for your printing project.

Finish Your Cards

Save your papers to a flash drive or thumb drive and bring them to your neighborhood printing shop if you are unable to print them at home. Make sure you choose thicker paper for your printing project.


Can I make my own trading cards?

You’ll need paper, a pencil, markers, and scissors to make your own trading cards. Other materials, such as stickers or photos, can be used as artwork. Choose a paper with a thick consistency. Index cards, construction paper, or thick card stock paper are all good options.

They’re a fun and exciting way to attract new customers. Custom trading cards are printed in full color on premium 2.5 x 3.5 cardstock with a variety of printing options.

Absolutely! For Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines use Cricut Card Mat 2 x 2 to create Cutaway Cards.

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