Pat Gelsinger Net Worth 2022

If you had to estimate Pat Gelsinger’s net worth, you would likely say it’s in the millions of dollars.

Pat Gelsinger has acquired a considerable net worth over the years while working for Intel Corporation in various executive positions, so your guess is correct.

Pat Gelsinger was born in 1962 and is a technological engineer. He is the current CEO of VMware, a software company that specializes in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace.

Pat Gelsinger is married to Linda Gelsinger, and they have four children: Elizabeth, Josiah, Nathan, and Micah. He has six grandchildren as well.

Who is Pat Gelsinger?

His full name is Patrick Paul Gelsinger. Pat was born in the United States on March 5, 1961, in Robesonia, Pennsylvania. Both of his parents were teachers.

The man is now 60 years old. He is a well-known American executive and engineer in the business sector. He is an American citizen.

For his undergraduate and graduate studies, he attended Lincoln Tech, Santa Clara University, and Stanford University. (AA), (MS), and (MS) (BS).

Pat Gelsinger Net Worth

Pat Gelsinger’s net worth is estimated to be at least $97 million USD as of June 19, 2022. Intel’s CEO is Pat Gelsinger. Pat owns over 150,248 shares of Intel Corp stock, valued at more than $6 million. Pat Gelsinger is a VMware Inc. Director.

Pat Gelsinger owns over 524,343 shares of VMware Inc stock, valued at more than $61 million.

Quick Facts
Fact Value
Birth Name Patrick Paul Gelsinger
Birth place Pennsylvania, USA
Nationality American
Profession Technological Engineer and Business Executive
Husband/Wife Linda Gelsinger
Net Worth $97 million
College/University Stanford University,
Children Elizabeth Gelsinger, Josiah Gelsinger, Nathan Gelsinger, Micah Gelsinger
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Brown

Pat Gelsinger’s Past Insider Trading

According to the Form 4 filed with the SEC, Pat Gelsinger has made over 39 trades in VMware stock since 2005. He most recently exercised 35,135 VMW stock units worth $4,266,092 on May 15, 2022.

On July 21, 2006, he exercised 185,000 units of VMware stock for over $2,207,050, making it the largest trade he’s ever made.

Pat has traded 11,370 units every 55 days on average since 2005. He still owns at least 52,118 units of VMware stock as of May 15, 2022.

Pat Gelsinger Career

Pat Gelsinger is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Director. From September 2009 to August 2012, he was President and Chief Operating Officer of EMC Information Infrastructure Products.

From 2005 to September 2009, Mr. Gelsinger was Senior Vice President and Co-General Manager of Intel Corporation’s Digital Enterprise Group, and from 2002 to 2005, he was Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Intel Corporation. Pat previously led Intel’s Desktop Products Group.

Mr. Gelsinger has in-depth knowledge of the business as CEO of VMware, and also brings insight and knowledge of company operations and strategic opportunities to the Board.

Pat Gelsinger’s extensive experience as a member of executive management teams for global information technology companies also provides our Board with significant expertise on a variety of issues that are important to our business.

Pat Gelsinger net worth is enormous as a result of his work with some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Pat’s net worth is likely to increase in the following days as a result of his return to Intel Corporation as its new CEO.

Pat has also written several novels as well as being a published novelist. He, too, must have profited well from his book sales.

Wife and Family

Linda Gelsinger is Pat Gelsinger’s wife. The couple has been together for about 20 years. According to Pat, the two first met at Santa Clara Christian Church.

Elizabeth Gelsinger, Josiah Gelsinger, Nathan Gelsinger, and Micah Gelsinger are the names of their four children. Three of the four children are already married and have children of their own. Pat also revealed that he has six grandchildren in The Point Church.

Pat Gelsinger, on the other hand, seems to be in love with his wife, children, and grandchildren. He also said that his father was a farmer, despite the fact so little he know about his family.

On his Twitter account, he often talks his family. He also shares photos of him and his wife hiking or visiting different places. And with the aging process, the two have stayed in love.

Pat Gelsinger Salary

Pat Gelsinger’s total compensation at Vmware is $42,549,700 as the Chief Executive Officer and Director. There are no higher-paid executives at Vmware.

Pat Gelsinger Age

Patrick Gelsinger, who is 60 years old, has been the CEO and Director of Vmware since 2012. At Vmware, there are 6 senior executives and 12 junior executives.

Michael Brown, the Independent Director at Vmware Inc., is the company’s oldest executive at 74 years old.

Pat Gelsinger Charity Works

Pat Gelsinger is a well-known philanthropist, together with his wife Linda. Every year, the couple donates a significant sum of money to charity.

They appear to be sincere about their technique, contributing half of their annual income to charitable organizations every year. They donate a lot of money to charity because they make a lot of money.

Pat helps build institutions and churches in a variety of locations. He is also an outspoken supporter of relief work. He is a supporter of Christian medical teams that help people in disasters.

In Kenya, he is especially well-known for his support of students. In 2018, he ascended Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money towards the development of a Kenyan girl’s school.

Pat Gelsinger has consistently backed charitable organizations and causes.

What does Vmware do?

The world’s complicated digital infrastructure is powered by VMware software.

Customers can deliver any application on any cloud across any device using the company’s cloud, app modernization, networking, security, and digital workspace offerings.

VMware, based in Palo Alto, California, is committed to being a positive force in the world, from its breakthrough technological innovations to its global impact.

Insiders trading at Vmware

During the last 15 years, Vmware insiders have traded over $1,822,343,540 in Vmware stock and purchased 16,543,140 units for $1,263,542,618. Insider traders Michael S Dell, Corp Emc, and Egon Silver Lake Partners I are among the most active.

Vmware executives and independent directors exchange stock once every 13 days on average, for a combined worth of $63,296,365.

Amy Olli’s most recent stock trade took place on January 12, 2022, when she purchased 6,260 units of VMware stock for $782,500.


Pet Gelsinger’s net worth is no doubt impressive, the majority of his wealth can be traced to his company. The good thing is , Pet Gelzinger has given back to society in more ways than one.

And his life proves to be an interesting study for those who would want to emulate him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pat Gelsinger?

He is a famous American and CEO of Intel businessman 

Intel shareholders voted against the company’s executive compensation program last week, which included part of a $178.6 million payout to CEO Pat Gelsinger, according to a regulatory filing published Monday.”

His wife’s name is Linda Fortune.

He is 60 Year Old. 

Patrick (Pat) Gelsinger is the chief executive officer of Intel Corporation and serves on its board of directors. On Feb. 15, 2021, Gelsinger returned to Intel, the company where he had spent the first 30 years of his care” 

Gelsinger now owns 96,049 Intel shares directly, and another 266,530 shares through trusts.6 days

Mr. Gelsinger holds over 8,830 units of VMware stock valued over $10,635,506 and has sold VMW shares worth over $410,273 in the last 18 years.

In addition, as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Vmware, he earns $42,549,700.


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Yes, there are plans to increase the salaries of workers.

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