Prayer Before Day Trading

Prayer Before Day Trading is necessary as a day trader. It is very necessary to pray before day trading because we might not know what is going to happen in the markets, that’s why is necessary to pray for God’s Guidance to guide you on what you have to do and the decision you need to take

Prayer Before Day Trading

A humble heart is essential for trade. Gnawing in the market will only bring about ruin. What will you do with your winnings?

Will they be put to use to further God’s mission in the world? Do you express gratitude to God for your success?

How to Pray Before Trading

Thank you, Lord, for Your gift of money.

You give me the insight to see the market

I need you to be with me as I trade today

Take away anxiety, fear, and over-trading from me

Lord don’t make me feel sad when am in a losing trade.

Give me the courage to stick to my trading plan

give me the courage to see where the market is going with unclouded eyes.

Your voice tells me when to enter a trade.

Your voice tells me when to exit a trade.

Your presence is like the morning dew.

I want to feel your presence, today lord.

Help to be able to make a Good Profit from the market as many out there need my help.

as you bless me today lord through trading, I will bless others.

Thank you for answering my Humble Prayer. Amen.


As a trader, you ought to place importance on prayer. It is advisable you pray morning, noon, and evenings.

Allowing God to take absolute control of the day, would help greatly in unfavorable market situations.

Heartz Team.

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