Shrimpy Review 2023: Pros, Cons and Fees

You might be wondering, what does Shrimpy mean? Worry less, Shrimpy, is a well-known cryptocurrency social trading platform and portfolio rebalancing tool. 

It has a user-friendly layout, exclusive features, and helpful customer service. Users may create unique cryptocurrency index funds using Shrimpy, mimic trading tactics, and even automate rebalancing. 

The tool covers 16 significant cryptocurrency exchanges at the moment and is constantly adding more. Its distinctive selling feature is copy trading and social trading.

Is Shrimpy secure, though? This post will examine its costs, functionality, features, and more.

What is Shrimpy?

Shrimpy was established in 2018 by Matthew Wesly and Michal McCarty. Bethos Lab Incorporation was the organization’s initial registered name, and the location was San Francisco. 

The platform offers secure and efficient trading processes, which benefits the entire crypto community. It creates trading strategies and automates digital currency deals. 

More so, the technology makes advantage of index fund development and crypto portfolio rebalancing to make this possible. The platform’s effectiveness and distinctive qualities led to its rapid rise in popularity.

Currently, it functions with 16 well-known bitcoin exchanges. The tool can also create a custom index fund using a variety of cryptocurrencies. It’s common for a Shrimpy review to include portfolio management and automation as the product’s best features. Profits can rise while risks are reduced without effort. 

Customers often refer to Shrimpy as the innovator in introducing such features. It aids both novice and seasoned traders in identifying the greatest trading chances. 

How Does Shrimpy Work?

Customers frequently search for reviews of Shrimpy apps because of how well they function. The program is renowned for its ability to automatically rebalance a portfolio. It is the process of redistributing the weighting of assets within a portfolio. 

In order to preserve a desired or original risk/asset allocation level, assets are gradually bought and sold. The platform made the claim that it would make trading in cryptocurrencies simple for both new and old investors.

Customers can also use social trading and copy trading to mimic well-known traders and their various trading tactics. The service is beneficial to begin traders and is free of charge. 

With the aid of instruments like index automation, it makes collaborative investment possible. The features that the platform offers clearly outweigh the price. Because of this, the majority of knowledgeable professionals favor the gadget over all other options.

Features of Shrimpy


1. Social Trading

The idea of social trading is well-liked by brokers. Customers can use the technique to automatically observe and mimic the trading methods of other traders. Even the possibility to track the performance of a portfolio over time is made possible by social trading. 

Although the procedure is already well-known, Shrimpy does so in a more appealing manner. Users who get their techniques adopted by other traders may receive compensation. It is not necessary to make the crypto portfolio or strategies public. 

Additionally, copying the system is free of charge. Because of this, most brokers consider the instrument to be groundbreaking. 

It assists brand-new buyers and clients in using social portfolios and acclimating to the industry. You can easily generate reliable passive income in the interim if you have effective tactics.

2. Portfolio Rebalancing

Shrimpy places rebalancing at its core. As was already said, it is the process of adjusting a cryptocurrency portfolio to reflect market fluctuations. As a result, it aids in preserving stability for sustained growth. 

The feature is widely used by other platforms in the stock market. But Shrimpy was the first to introduce it to the world of cryptocurrencies. The main goal is, as its name implies, it is to rebalance the portfolio. Maintaining preferred allocations is how it is done. 

The technology even improves users’ chances of making money and sticking with the plan. It also balances the portfolio using fiat value. Additionally, it provides complete portfolio tracking solutions.

3. Backtesting

Without any guidance, creating custom trading portfolios and strategies impairs performance. Because of this, the platform enables customers to edit it and design the ideal fund distribution. 

Additionally, its backtesting tool offers indexing or strategy testing using historical market data. In this manner, the tool evaluates how the approach would have done in the past given the market circumstances.

4. Indexing Tool

Every seasoned trader understands that diversifying one’s assets reduces risk. In the long run, wealth is even increased. Through a tool for indexing, Shrimpy provides functionality. 

The application aids users in creating a unique crypto index with various parameters and automated rebalancing. 

For the index’s market performance, index weighting is essential. You can use the tool to automatically add weights based on equal weights or market capitalization.

Shrimpy Review: Pros and Cons

The best justification for reading a Shrimpy review is to weigh its benefits and drawbacks. As a result, the following are the main pros and cons of utilizing the tool:

The Pros

  • Use of the tool and cryptocurrency bots is free.
  • enhances security and provides a variety of trading instruments.
  • Users can use social trading tools to copy successful trading methods.
  • Automated portfolio rebalancing
  • offers guides for learning about digital currency.
  • Easy to use and simple to grasp.
  • supports managing your cryptocurrency across numerous crypto exchanges.
  • Traders can manage and test their portfolios using a demo account.

The Cons

  • There are no crypto signals available.
  • Financial stability is not a 100 percent guarantee.
  • Limitations on the referral program’s validity.
  • lacks a trading terminal.
  • Does not provide scripting for trading bots.
  • No users’ mobile application.

How Easy is Shrimpy to Use?

Because of its simplicity, Shrimpy reviews generally give it high marks for inexperienced traders. Its trading bot features a user-friendly interface that is clear and uncomplicated. 

Even for beginners, the web-based tool is aesthetically beautiful and simple to use. Users may immediately set up the gadget and use features like spread and slippage. 

Using its portfolio management tools, you can easily manage your digital assets. Even cryptocurrency trading bots are available to assist users in developing a decent trading strategy. Despite Shrimpy’s apparent suitability for beginning traders, seasoned users also find it useful.

Shrimpy Security

The platform provides consumers with reputable security procedures. It implements features like API encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA). All exchange API keys currently in use are encrypted by the program, eliminating any chance of data leak and interception. 

Shrimpy helps users withdraw money by securing access with developer APIs. Its main website offers secure transactions for every customer with the help of HTTPS (SSL) support. 

Furthermore, it prevents anyone from removing funds from the site by only maintaining the capacity to access data and execute trades.

Shrimpy Customer Support

Without noting its customer service, no review of Shrimpy would be complete. The site has a dedicated support staff that works quickly to assist users. 

There are several ways to get in touch with them, including a live chat feature and email ( As a result, most problems are handled in a matter of hours, and even Shrimpy’s CEO participates.


Shrimpy is a renowned software bot for crypto exchanges. Both seasoned traders and newcomers can use it. The platform stands out in the market thanks to its automated portfolio management and rebalancing. 

With features like API encryption and 2FA, it provides prestigious security. Due to its capabilities for portfolio tracking, allocation, and long-term portfolio growth, the platform excels at automating portfolios.

Shrimpy’s trading automation aids individuals in their cryptocurrency trading and makes them profitable traders. It has not experienced any security breaches in spite of being an unregulated platform. 

With its prestigious collection of bitcoin tools, traders may even develop a cryptocurrency strategy. 

It gives customers a superior trading experience with live chat support and a referral program. Shrimpy is a secure platform to utilize because programmers can create unique trading bots.


Does Shrimpy have a Demo Account?

Yes, it has a demo account.

Definitely, it is very legit

Yes, it is free but there are additional fees and subscription fees one must pay.

To create specialized trading bots and rebalance trading portfolios, shrimpy is employed. Profit margins can be raised and unique indices can be made using its API key.

Create an account on the Shrimpy bot’s website before using it. Give the bot a chance to evaluate any of the 16 exchanges it supports. The procedure is automatic, therefore users do not need to take any action.

Binance has the lowest fees for crypto.

Binance US, Coinbase Pro and more.

No, it doesn’t.

Yes, it is worth it because it is legit.

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