This Person is Unavailable on Messenger: Meaning and How to Fix

Did you recently get the update that reads this person is unavailable on messenger? It might have got you worried. If you are reading this, be rest assured to get answers.

Everyone can tell of the popularity of the messenger app and how it has served as a communication tool for millions of people. 

Despite its widespread use, messenger might be difficult to understand when attempting to explain why one of its apps isn’t functioning properly. 

You can’t contact Facebook directly, which means you have to rely on the platform’s Support Center to seek help.

However, not all error messages are included in the Support Center’s list. Take, for instance, What does “This person is unavailable on Messenger” in the Messenger app mean?

Here is a detailed explanation of the error message, its causes, and how to get it fixed.

What Does the Message Mean?

This means that you cannot talk with the person if you are seeing the message ” this person is unavailable on messenger in your conversation with them. 

But you might be wondering, why does it happen? Keep reading through

1. Your Friend’s Account Doesn’t Exist Anymore

You won’t be able to communicate with someone if they have deleted their Facebook. Also, if their Messenger account or Facebook has suspended their account.

You can connect with a mutual friend and ask them a few questions.

One of them is if they can access the account of the person you’re attempting to contact to see whether this is the case. 

This is probably the problem if they can’t locate the Facebook page of the friend you’re attempting to contact.

There’s a chance your friend may have blocked you if they are unable to easily message them.

2. The Facebook Website or App is Having Technical Issues

Your Messenger issue can be a result of a website or app mistake.

If you’ve verified that your friend’s account is still active and that you aren’t being blocked,, it’s obviously a technical issue. Check Facebook’s Twitter feed for any issues that have been reported.

Also, log out and back into your account, reload your browser, or install the app again.

3. Your Friend has Blocked you

Nobody wants to hear this, but if another Messenger user has blocked you, none of your messages will reach them.

Use the search bar on Facebook to seek up your buddy to discover whether you’ve been blocked. There’s a good possibility you’ve been blocked if their page doesn’t appear in your search results.

How to Fix this Person is Unavailable on Messenger

this person is unavailable on messenger

You can look forward to avoiding this issue by using the factors below as a guide. It should be noted that unless there is an app fault, or if it is typically not a technical error.

Thus your chances of fixing it yourself without the other person’s help are very slim. The following are several solutions to help fix the “this person is unavailable on messenger” issue.

1. Check your Internet Connection Strength

Making ensuring your internet connection is strong is an excellent place to start. 

The Facebook Messenger app may act strangely if it does not receive adequate internet to function.

To check your internet performance, you can run a speed test.

Also, you can try switching from a mobile network to a WiFi network or vice versa to see if that makes the user unavailable message go away.

To test if it works, try sending a message to someone else on Messenger.

2. Try Sending Messages From the Facebook Web

Sending a message through the Facebook website can be useful if this individual isn’t reachable on Messenger because of an app malfunction. 

Change to the Facebook web interface and see whether the problem still exists.

All you have to do is attempt to send a message to that individual after logging into your account on your browser (preferably on a PC).

Many complain that while using Facebook Messenger, they are unable to send messages. 

If that was really a problem in the mobile app, it could be possible to contact that person via Facebook’s website.

3. Confirm if the Person has Blocked you on Facebook

The “this person is inaccessible on messenger” notification and the fact that the user has blocked you on Facebook are the main causes of this issue. 

There isn’t much you can do if the individual has actually blocked you.

To resume communication, you can either wait for the user to unblock you or request that they do so.

4. Check if the User has Deactivated their Account

The user’s account may have been deactivated for any reason, which could also cause the “person is inaccessible on messenger” notice to display.

A deactivated account cannot be contacted, therefore Facebook’s message.

You can check this by having a friend or member of your family look up the account. Do a user name or email search (if you know their email).

The user must have deactivated the account if the one you are looking for does not show up in the search results.

5. Find Out if Facebook has Banned the User’s Account

Any account that does not adhere to Facebook’s community standards may be banned.

Facebook seldom suspends an account without cause. 

This typically happens after an account has been banned for spamming, publishing violent content, adult content, or hate speech.

Additionally, reports from several users may cause Facebook to ban a particular account from its site. 

It’s possible that Facebook has imposed a brief suspension on the account.


Hopefully, it is now clear to you why you keep getting this annoying notice in your email, which keeps you from conversing with your friends. 

Our advice will also assist you in locating the problem’s primary cause and resolving it.

Although not everyone is aware of this, Facebook Messenger offers amazing tools to make your communication distinctive. 

All you need to know and do when you unexpectedly face this notice is covered in this article. Hope it’s helpful.


You are not able to see the profile for no one specific reason.

A suspension of an account is based on a number of variables. It can involve regularly breaking Facebook’s rules and conditions, having little to no activity on the account, having the account hijacked, etc.

Your privacy settings alone determine who sees your Facebook profile.

When you block someone on Messenger, neither of you will be able to see the other person’s actions or send messages.

When someone is blocked on Facebook, they are no longer listed as a friend and are also blocked on Messenger.

Their messages will still appear to have been sent, and they won’t be informed that they have been blocked.

You won’t be able to find your account again. Although, it won’t get deleted immediately because Facebook gives 30 days before it is taken down permanently.

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