Tech Is it Safe to Use? is a platform that allows anime lovers to download dubbed or subbed episodes in ultra HD quality without having to register or pay anything. Are you curious to know if is safe to use? Let’s find out!

The demand to watch anime online grows along with the number of anime fans. There are lots of free anime streaming websites, but unfortunately, very few of them are safe.

This is because most of these websites are filled with ads as a means to generate revenue. These ads could pose a serious threat to users.

This leads to the question: Is safe to use? Read on!

About is a new website that offers free access to thousands of anime episodes, including the most recent releases, in both subbed and dubbed versions.

The website also offers top-notch features, like ultra HD resolution, flawless streaming, fantastic customer support, quick updates, and many more.

This website is absolutely free of advertisements, making it one of the safest places to watch free anime online.

Is Safe to Use?

Yes, is safe to use. You can stream anime without any doubts or fears.

You are not at risk of being attacked by hackers using harmful computer programs if there are no adverts on the website.

This is because clicking on an unwelcome ad can put your devices at risk of being infected with malware such as spyware, viruses, trojans, and other threats.

As a result, the ad-free protects you and your device from possible risks or infection.

In addition, Zoro does not require registration. This invariably means that your personal information will be protected.

Information loss does not occur when information is not shared. This is the basic tenet of the Internet.

Features of

Features of

There are several attributes that makeup They include:

1. Updates

As soon as new movies and episodes are released, they are immediately published on the website.

When an anime episode initially airs, it is accessible during the first few hours. The website will also add desired titles with daily updates.

2. Customer Care

This plays a significant role in the site’s quick success.

In an effort to provide its users with the best experience, the website accepts feedback and listens to its visitors.

The Zoro crew is available around the clock to patch broken links, upload requested content, and assist users with any questions or requests., like most anime websites, has a community where users can communicate with each other through messages and comments.

They can also engage in any form of discussion, including anime-related issues.

However, there will always be users who will break the law and post content that is prohibited. Before the post is deleted, it may be on the website for a while.

3. High Level of Security

Since they don’t obtain any personal information from you, you don’t need to be concerned about security breaches. The website is free to use, and you are not required to register in order to access it.

You can have an account on the website if you’d like to, but you’ll need an email address and a password.

You can bookmark anime movies or series on the website for later viewing when you create an account.

4. User Interface

Using to navigate and browse is very easy, regardless of your age or internet experience. The user interface and user experience of the website have been improved for user comfort.

Finding the website’s content that interests you merely requires a brief glance. You can search for a particular title using the search bar.

You can also use the categories on the site’s horizontal navigation bar or just click View Full Site if you’d like more options.

5. Streaming Experience

Compared to other popular anime streaming websites,’s loading time is quicker.

Watching anime on Zoro is smooth because it has a feature that prevents interruptions from pop-up advertisements and buffering. Also, users can download videos to watch offline with a single click.

6. High Quality/Resolution

To enhance your viewing experience, every title is provided in the highest resolution.

However, you can use the site’s quality setting option to change the image quality if your Internet connection isn’t strong enough for such a high resolution.

If your Internet is acting up, you can reduce the image quality to 360p and then return to 720p or even 1080p when it is stable.

7. Absence of Malware

Malware is currently one of the main problems with streaming services. No malware is sponsored by or supported by

Since there are no adverts on the website, they have also ensured that malware cannot infect your device. Through ads, most spyware infiltrates internet devices.

8. Library

This website has a vast library of anime series and movies, dubbed and subtitled.

You are sure to discover your desired anime here, whether you are searching for a well-known, current, or classic series.

The website also offers content in various genres, including action, drama, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, school, comedy, music, and games.

Unlike other anime websites, the collection is well-organized. This is because of the search bar’s filter. It provides options for sorting anime by type, status, genre, and other criteria.

9. Device Compatibility

Zoro is mobile-friendly and supports Chromecast, so it functions effectively on most devices. However, it is advised to watch anime online on a desktop or laptop for the greatest streaming experience.

Is Zoro Legal?

The validity of the website is called into question because the anime provided on the site does not have a formal license to be aired.

It wouldn’t be necessary for them to establish a separate website just for DMCA takedown requests if they had a streaming license.

Never encourage the streaming of unauthorized content. If you stream content without a license, your country’s laws may charge you or take further action.

How to Use Zoro

The Zoro user interface is quite straightforward and easy to use. You may learn how to use the navigation and search functions of this website in less than 10 seconds.

You can enter the titles of interest in the search box located in the middle of the homepage.

Movies, TV Series, Most Popular, and Top Airing are all listed on the horizontal navigation bar. You can click “Get Full Site” to view additional choices like the most recent releases and anime news.

How Zoro Protect their Users

In order to safeguard its users, actively monitors conversation and communication on the website.

To manage the forums and regulate content in accordance with the established regulations, the website employs a combination of automated and human monitoring.

This makes it possible for the site administrators to delete content and users who pose a threat to the site’s user base. Although it falls short of providing a flawless solution, this goes a long way.

The fact that you are at least somewhat shielded from content that you might find objectionable makes this site slightly safer than many of its rivals.


Despite having similar features to other anime streaming services, is different.

To guarantee a pleasant experience for visitors and protect their users, they monitor chats and conversations on the website.

We hope you found this article useful.

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